Our Drinks



There's only one Guinness and Mather's serves a great pint. The distinctive ruby-red stout (that's right...it's not black!) takes what seems like an age to settle but when it does you can explore the perfect balance of bitter and sweet with malt and roast characters. It's always Guinness time at Mather's. Suitable for vegans.


Tennent's Lager

Tennent Caledonian

Every pint of Scotland's favourite lager contains only 100% Scottish barley, the finest hops and the freshest water from Loch Katrine – which, handily, gets topped up by the glorious Scottish rain.


Innis & Gunn Lager

Innis & Gunn

With the full bodied flavour you’d expect from an Innis & Gunn beer, our Lager is brewed with Naked Golden Oats for a smooth finish. Suitable for vegans


Innis & Gunn Session IPA

Innis & Gunn

All the vibrant hop flavour of a West Coast IPA, but a little softer on the taste buds. Suitable for vegans.


St Mungo

West Brewery

Brewed in keeping with the Reinheitsgebot - the German purity law of 1516 - which means there are only four ingredients; water, barley, malt and hops. Winner of the Bronze medal for best lager at the 2019 Scottish Beer Awards, St Mungo has a touch of light Munich malt in the mash which brings a light copper colour and a complex malty finish to the beer.


Belhaven Best

Greene King PLC

A sweet malty beer with lots of caramel and toffee notes from the pale and crystal malts. Fresh dry hop taste and satisfying moderate bitter finish.


Peroni, Nastro Azzurro

Miller Brands UK

Brewed from the finest spring planted barley malts, Peroni has a unique balanced taste with a delicate aroma arising from the hops of the most exclusive varieties.


Thistly Cross Traditional Cider

Thistly Cross

Smooth, balanced and lightly sparkling with a clean apple finish. Satisfying and sessionable. Suitable for vegetarians and gluten free.